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Realtime reStructuredText preview in browser with Vim and InstantRst

Most of my projects documentation is written in reStructuredText with riv in vim. Same is for all those blog entries here. Until up recently my workflow was traditional: write, save, generate html, preview. Now it has changed...

09 Oct 2016 by dryobates

Sorting paragraphs in Vim

You use :sort for sorting lines in Vim, right?. How would you sort paragraphs?

10 May 2014 by dryobates

Refactoring - extracting methods in vim

When you add new functionalities your methods grows. At some point you want to do some refactoring: move parts of those methods to smaller ones. In Vim with a help of Rope library you can achive it in seconds.

31 Aug 2013 by dryobates

Editing SQL query directly in mysql client

Are you bothered moving cursor back and forth in commandline mysql client just for fix some error in long statement? I was also. Now I happily edit them in Vim.

10 Aug 2013 by dryobates

256-color console Vim

For nowadays programmers it’s quite difficult to to live without syntax highlighting. Standard 16 colors in console vim isn’t sufficient for comfortable code editing. How to use more of them?

27 Jul 2013 by dryobates

Jakub Stolarski. Software engineer. I work professionally as programmer since 2005. Speeding up software development with Test Driven Development, task automation and optimization for performance are things that focus my mind from my early career up to now. If you ask me for my religion: Python, Vim and FreeBSD are my trinity ;) Email: