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Documenting Flask REST API in Sphinx

Many REST frameworks have built in documentation for provided API. Many specialized software exists for centralized API documentation. But if all you need is to include documentation for your project in your regular sphinx documentation then sphinxcontrib-httpdomain can be helpful.

11 Oct 2016 by dryobates

Python3's typehints in Sphinx documenation

The most popular use for Python3's annotations are type hints. By default Sphinx can't use that type hints to document modules. Luckily for us Sphinx is easily extensible...

10 Oct 2016 by dryobates

Jakub Stolarski. Software engineer. I work professionally as programmer since 2005. Speeding up software development with Test Driven Development, task automation and optimization for performance are things that focus my mind from my early career up to now. If you ask me for my religion: Python, Vim and FreeBSD are my trinity ;) Email: