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Reviewing big chunks of code

There are two main goals for making code review: making better code and making better programmers. Not only reviewed developer can learn, but reviewer also. I will share my experiences as a reviewer.

31 Dec 2015 by dryobates

Tests in Django

When doing Test Driven Development, one of the most difficult thing is to find out how to test different technologies. Breaking that barrier makes TDD dead easy. I wrote some tips on how to test different parts of Django projects to help you start with TDD.

04 Oct 2015 by dryobates

Navigating in Pdb

I often see programmers, even experienced, that tediously press "n" and "s" few hundreds of times, one after another, only to skip some for loop or get into state where loop is executed n-th time in pdb. Here is a little tip how to do it smarter.

09 Aug 2015 by dryobates

Virtual drive on one wheel

Virtualenv is a great software for isolating python environments. Wheel is a great package format for quick installation of packages. Since virtualenv 13.0.0 installs automatically with wheel... I was kicked with dark side of this decision.

30 Jun 2015 by dryobates

PyWaw Summit

This night we've get back from PyWaw Summit. Talks were really inspiring.

27 May 2015 by dryobates

Jakub Stolarski. Software engineer. I work professionally as programmer since 2005. Speeding up software development with Test Driven Development, task automation and optimization for performance are things that focus my mind from my early career up to now. If you ask me for my religion: Python, Vim and FreeBSD are my trinity ;) Email: