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If you want do Test Driven Development your tests should run in a split second. Your tests shouldn't touch database if it's possible nor you should run slow acceptance tests in one run with unit tests for TDD. django-smarttest is package which helps you keep with that rules.

30 Mar 2015 by dryobates

Load optimization with queues

It is common to use queues to handle spike load and spread queries in time. On the other hand sometimes you want to do reverse: gather queries spread in time to run them in one batch request. Celery queues gives us both of it.

15 Mar 2015 by dryobates

Requirements change and TDD

In perfect programming world requirements doesn't change. We don't live in perfect world so how Test Driven Development can help us when requirements change just before a release?

07 Mar 2015 by dryobates

Jakub Stolarski. Software engineer. I work professionally as programmer since 2005. Speeding up software development with Test Driven Development, task automation and optimization for performance are things that focus my mind from my early career up to now. If you ask me for my religion: Python, Vim and FreeBSD are my trinity ;) Email: