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Code smells

by dryobates

Refactoring of Tennis game once again! This time was much better :)

This time I have prepared for dojo participants list of code smells. I have used coding horror [1] list enhanced with some resources from wiki [2]

I didn’t include in that list information what tools they should use to refactor as I think it could be to much information most of which won’t help them. But if your curious about different refactorings Martin Fowler has extensive Catalog of Refactorings [3]

List of code smells wasn’t as helpful for participants as I thought. Equipped with experience from last coding dojo they get very well with the same Tennis game problem this time. They had enough time to get rid of all that code that was confusing and enhance it to be more flexible.

Almost everyone agreed that working with code that looks like written by complete beginner is real challenge for someone experienced in programming.

If you like diving in wiki format like I do and want enhance your knowledge about code smells I recommend c2 wiki on code smells [4]. But be warned: Wiki is addictive!

[1]Code smells
[2] wiki code smells
[3]Catalog of Refactorings
[4]C2 Wiki Code Smells
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