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Asciinema - video in ascii

Record your console session and share with others!

28 Dec 2014 by dryobates

Bumpversion - easy version bumping

If you have to periodically bump versions in different files use bumpversion!

28 Dec 2014 by dryobates

Tox - testing in multiply versions

In my work I use BuildBot for testing project in different python and Django versions. At home running BuildBot seems like a little overkill. Tox is an answer for build in home CI system.

06 Dec 2014 by dryobates

Jakub Stolarski. Software engineer. I work professionally as programmer since 2005. Speeding up software development with Test Driven Development, task automation and optimization for performance are things that focus my mind from my early career up to now. If you ask me for my religion: Python, Vim and FreeBSD are my trinity ;) Email: