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freebsd boot0cfg slice boot

Disable slice in FreeBSD

by dryobates

HP recovery partition on Compaq 6720s has some unwanted behavior: it overwrites boot manager if accidentaly run.

In my notebook I have dual boot: Windows and FreeBSD. I use FreeBSD boot manager to choose which one start. This manager by default shows all primary partitions. I have all four (I still use MBR/LBA instead of modern GPT [1]).

My boot menu looks like that:

F1 Win
F2 Win
F3 ??
F4 FreeBSD

F1 is my Windows partition. F2 is recovery disk. Once I accidentally pressed F2 and had to restore FreeBSD boot manager from FreeBSD live cd like this:

fdisk -B -b /boot/boot0 /dev/ada0

(ada0 is my disk from which system starts).

As it’s easy to make mistake and press wrong key I thought I’ll disable not used ones (“Prevention is better then cure”):

boot0cfg -m 0x9 ada0

I used mask 0x9, because I want only F1 (bit nr 0 set) and F4 (bit nr 3 set) to be enabled:

$ dc -e '2i 1001p'

Now I wont make mistake:

F1 Win
F4 FreeBSD

And if I would like to run software from recovery disk I can press F9 during normal Windows boot (it still works) or enable partition again from FreeBSD:

boot0cfg -m 0xf ada0
[1]GUID Partition Table:
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